Bachert & Partner creates certainty with feasable solutions

Companies which have previously been successful can also find themselves in a crisis situation: a strategic flaw can lead to poor earnings, and not infrequently, to a liquidity bottleneck which puts the firm's very survival at risk. The causes can be varied – it is often the case that a market upheaval coincides with structural flaws in the company.

The sooner and more decisively countermeasures can be taken, the higher the chances are of achieving success. As the situation worsens, managing a crisis within the company itself becomes more and more difficult – and external support presents itself as an opportunity.

As a specialist consulting firm, Bachert & Partner supports companies with active crisis management. Our work encompasses the entire process from the development of the concept through to actively supporting its implementation. We look at companies from a holistic perspective and achieve opportunities to secure profitability and growth for our medium-sized clients.

On this basis Bachert & Partner creates a competent interface between the executive team, banks, employee representatives and partners. Through cooperating closely with lawyers and accountants who are experienced in restructuring, we can also guarantee integrated consulting services – if they are necessary.

We have advanced expertise in the following fields:

  • The completion of quick checks
  • The compilation of liquidity and business plans
  • The creation of continuity forecasts
  • The development of restructuring concepts pursuant to the requirements of the BGH and/or the IDW S 6 standard
  • Accompanying the implementation of the restructuring steps
  • The appointment of a "Chief Restructuring Officer" (CRO) as required
  • Checking the grounds for insolvency applications pursuant to the IDW S 11 standard
  • Certification for applying for the protective shielding process (§270b InsO)
  • Creating insolvency plans in collaboration with specialist lawyers