Strategic Development

Bachert & Partner accompanies you throughout the entire strategic process

Medium-sized companies are exposed to increasingly tough levels of competition. In the area of manufacturing industry in particular, manufacturers which are affiliated to major corporations and new international competitors are advancing into traditional niche areas. Medium-sized companies have to fight it out in the market place and make use of their traditional competitive advantages of innovation, flexibility, client proximity and service to an ever greater degree. To be able to survive in this dynamic environment, successful companies should also put their strategy to the test on a regular basis.

Requirements- and industry-specific consulting

We create transparency and highlight specific approaches with our pragmatic consulting services which are aligned to small and medium-sized companies. Whether it is growth, downsizing or the optimisation of the existing operations – we accompany the entire strategic process through to the planning and implementation of the measures.

We are able to draw on a high level of expertise in the following strategic areas:>

Growth strategies

  • Internationalisation
  • Diversification
  • Start-ups

Portfolio strategies

  • Downsizing concepts
  • Optimisation of the company portfolio

Value strategies

  • Outsourcing of business areas
  • Increasing the depth of added value
  • Functional collaborations

Ownership strategies

  • Successor solutions within the family 
  • MBO/MBI concepts
  • Welcoming strategic partners and/or investors

Realignment of the organisation

  • Introduction of holding structures
  • Development of business areas
  • Process-oriented organisational formats