Industry knowlege - the basis of successful consulting

An in-depth knowledge of the respective industry forms the basis of successful consulting. We speak the same language, meet management at eye level and bring valuable cross-sector experience to the table. For more than 20 years, we at bachert&partner have been advising owner-managed companies and subsidiaries of corporate groups. Investment companies also value our expertise when it comes to the transformation of portfolio companies. 

Our focus is on medium-sized industries with high pressure to change - true to our philosophy that the key levers lie in clear market positioning and efficient value creation. Thanks to many years of consulting and management activities in these industries, we have the relevant know-how on technological trends, processes and benchmarks. 


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Automotive industry

After a sharp drop in sales during the COVID 19 pandemic, the German automotive industry is now able to catch up with pre-crisis levels. Nevertheless, disruptive changes such as new mobility concepts, autonomous driving, e-mobility and digitalization are increasingly challenging established business models. Medium-sized suppliers have to reinvent themselves as "digital companies" and thus face enormous, sometimes existential challenges.  

Due to our roots in the automotive location of Baden-Württemberg, bachert&partner has developed a deep understanding of the medium-sized supplier industry. Well-known component and parts manufacturers in metal, plastics and electrical engineering are among our clients, as are module and system suppliers. Our expertise extends to related industries in tool-making, special vehicle construction and downstream dealers and service providers. 

 We strengthen your automotive core business and create capacities for innovations by reducing the complexity of your existing products and simplifying the processes and structures along your value chain. In doing so, we not only scrutinize your production and assembly processes, but also logistics, maintenance, quality management and administration. Your processes will not only become more efficient, but also more flexible and agile. 

Mechanical plant engineering

German machinery and plant manufacturers were still posting record sales until 2018. Only slowly is the medium-sized sector recovering from the consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic, which is serving as an "accelerant" for structural changes already underway. Disruptive changes of the main customers, such as the automotive industry, lead to a high need for adaptation of the traditionally closely cooperating machinery and plant manufacturers. In addition, Chinese competitors in particular are increasingly penetrating the traditional niches of the German place makers.  

As one of the leading management consultancies in the German mechanical and plant engineering sector, we have specific knowledge of markets, technologies and applications. With our industry experts, we are able to assess products and value creation in depth and develop convincing strategies. Our clients include leading companies in the fields of tooling, packaging, printing and paper processing machinery, automation and conveyor technology, as well as machines for the production of pharmaceutical products and foodstuffs. We also advise well-known component manufacturers (e.g. drives, aggregates, electronics) and specialists in process and automation technology.  

Our consulting spectrum includes the review of business models and the support of entrepreneurs in crisis situations. The focal points of bachert&partner are the introduction of process-oriented organizations, the activation of sales, the development of a professional service organization and the reduction of costs. We create transparency in costing and reliability in project management through industry benchmarks and our own tools. 

Construction industry

The German construction industry experienced unusual challenges due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Due to limited travel, the availability of often foreign subcontractors was severely restricted last year. In addition, since the beginning of 2021, bottlenecks in building material and construction material suppliers as well as rising prices for raw materials have been causing problems for the industry.  

The project business typical for the industry is characterized by long terms, complex financing, constant changes in the scope of services and consistent supplements. At the same time, the future topics of sustainability, resource efficiency and also digitalization (including BIM) are increasingly coming into focus.  

The experts at bachert&partner support you in mastering the complex challenges. In the area of construction and construction suppliers, we have specific knowledge of building construction, road construction and civil engineering, building material manufacturers and a wide range of suppliers (including window and façade manufacturers, electrical, heating, air conditioning and sanitary equipment suppliers, trade fair, shop and interior fitters). We provide support both in the conception and implementation of future strategies and in the design of efficient service provision. 

Industrial services

Industrial service providers account for an increasingly large share of the value added in the traditionally strong manufacturing industry in Germany. The sector is characterized by fierce price competition, a high degree of transparency and comparability of services and, as a result, a short-lived competitive advantage. In addition, there is competition for qualified skilled workers, the most important resource for any service provider. With the current shortage, this leads to rising personnel costs, which can only be passed on to a limited extent.  

The rapid pace of digitalization is creating numerous new niches and product combinations. Companies are therefore in an intense competition for time and ideas and are required to make the best possible use of available data on customers, processes, flows of goods and information. Only in this way can they efficiently offer individualized solutions and stand out from the crowd. 

 Our experience in the field of industrial services is diverse and covers the areas of personnel services, engineering/manufacturing services, facility management services and guard and security services. We provide support both in the conception and implementation of future strategies and in the design of efficient organization and service provision. One focus is on the implementation of innovative Service 4.0 concepts. 

Technology and media

The technology industry is characterized by a particularly high level of dynamism and increasing complexity in terms of innovations and markets. New business models around IoT, cloud computing, robotics, data analytics and 3D printing have established themselves. The integration of infrastructure, content and services favors global platform providers - at the same time, aggressive, capital-rich start-ups are penetrating lucrative niches. While the old business of traditional providers is declining, new growth areas are emerging.  

The need for sound market information and innovative business models is growing steadily. It is more important than ever to develop customized products and digital distribution forms that fit both the customer's requirements and the providers' processes and capital resources.  

Our experience in the technology and media industry is diverse and covers the segments of software and system houses and start-ups as well as agencies, printers and publishers. We support both the evaluation of new business models, the conception of future strategies and the implementation of efficient, digital processes. Through our access to capital partners, we are able to finance new business in a needs-based and risk-adequate manner. 

Pharmaceutical industry and medical technology

New technologies and changes in customer/patient behavior, combined with optimized diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, mean that medium-sized manufacturers are under increasing pressure to innovate. At the same time, legal requirements and budget restrictions limit their room for maneuver. The resulting questions about future positioning and operational performance are increasingly challenging management.  

Our experience in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology is diverse and covers all forms of pharmaceuticals (OTC and Rx) as well as active and passive medical devices for a wide range of medical disciplines. We understand the requirements of pharmaceutical companies, regardless of whether they are MAH or contract manufacturers or component manufacturers, as well as those of system and solution providers in the medical technology environment.  

We know the industry trends as well as the challenges of our customers from consulting projects as well as business management functions in various areas of medical technology (e.g. device industry, manufacturers of disposables as well as customers such as public and private hospitals) as well as the pharmaceutical industry (originator, generics, biotechnology) and develop solutions together with them to achieve measurable results. 

Consumer goods and durables

Large fluctuations in raw material costs, changing consumer behavior, increased competitive pressure and transparency, plus the development of new retail formats: Manufacturers of consumer and durable goods are currently undergoing fundamental changes that are creating numerous new challenges. In particular, the digitalization of production ("Industry 4.0"), but also that of products, processes and especially sales processes, offer sustainable opportunities.  

Our experience in the area of consumer goods manufacturers is diverse and extends to the segments of food, textiles and shoes, furniture, sports and leisure equipment, and packaging. We provide support both in the conception and implementation of future strategies and in the design of efficient organization and service delivery. 

Retail and logistics

Click & collect, augmented reality, social marketing and subscription shopping. The boundaries between stationary and online retail are becoming increasingly blurred. The new concepts are often innovative but not necessarily lucrative and mean high investments, which pose challenges for medium-sized companies.  

bachert&partner navigates you through the cross-channel jungle and supports you in your offensive against disruptive competitors and melting margins. Our customers as stationary and online retailer, wholesaler, and upstream and downstream logistics service providers, rely not only on our digital analysis and planning tools, but also on our industry experts, who work with them to design a strategy for sustainable increases in quality, sales and earnings. 

bachert&partner has proven expertise in the manufacturing industry as well as trading and service companies.