Contrary to the industry trend, bachert&partner can look back on a successful 2021 in restructuring. With the strategic expansion of the management team, the consultancy is gearing up for further growth

Looking at the figures for 2021, one may get the impression that the German economy has coped with the consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic without suffering any major blows. The statistics even show that the number of corporate insolvencies has been declining for years. However, experts warn that the trend will continue unchanged. In addition to the as yet hardly foreseeable consequences of the global conflict with Russia and the effects of the comprehensive sanctions, the announced expiry of the Corona state aid will also bring about significant market changes. From today's perspective, trading companies, export-oriented sectors such as the automotive supply industry and the energy industry will be particularly affected. Even the construction industry, which is used to success, is coming under pressure in times of rising interest rates and exploding material prices.

As an expert for restructuring, bachert&partner emphasizes that in many cases an adjustment of the corporate strategy is not sufficient. "Entire business models have to be questioned," explains Hans-Ulrich Bachert, Managing Director of Bachert Unternehmensberatung GmbH & Co. KG. "Such a realignment is a complex challenge that most companies can hardly meet on their own."

With numerous excellent projects, bachert&partner can look back on a successful business year and, contrary to the industry trend, will continue to hold its own in 2021.

"We will certainly not rest on our laurels," Bachert emphasizes. "On the contrary, we are consciously setting the course today to effectively tap market potential."

Against this background, bachert&partner is appointing Tobias Spreitzer and Thomas Schäffer as two additional managing directors on April 1, 2022. They have proven themselves in numerous projects in recent years and will make an important contribution to the successful future of the company with their experience and professional expertise.